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Welcome To Angels Of Mary

Halina Kacicki
 is the Founder of
Angels of Mary



Halina hit everything right on the nose in my reading. She was a fountain of intuitive, insightful and practical information. I enjoyed talking with her and she gave me great support in the time we had together. I recommend her greatly for her spiritual insight, compassion and support. You will feel uplifted after your session . Thank you Halina and may God Bless you always.
Bryn Durham

Thank you so much for your time and for the beautiful reading and the clearing. It meant a lot to me and gave me encouragement. I am still feeling the energy. I also look forward to continued connections. Thank you again and God Bless You,
Leanna Indall  

Thank you for your continual blessings upon Halina and her work.
Thank you for your perpetual protection of Saint Michael upon Halina.
Thank you for Halina's gifts of giving which she so lovingly bestows to her brothers and sisters.
Thank you Halina!
Donna Chinn

I had a consultation done with Halina yesterday and she did something very amazing....she was able to see where I was sitting and she accurately describe the area as if she was sitting in the car with me.  What is so amazing about that is because I am in the Mid West and she is in Arizona.  Halina is Amazing!!!!!

Paige Centers
Director of Human Resources

My name is Dan Hawranek,

I have been one of Halina’s clients since 1998.  I recently moved to a new city and was in a new job. I was very busy. I had not had the opportunity to contact Halina.
I had a dream which had an angel in it.  It was bouncing and flying around all over the the place desperately trying to get my attention.

I can still picture the face of the angel.  I did not recognize who the face represented during the dream.

However, immediately upon waking I realized, it was Halina.

I called her and she confirmed it. She was bi-locating. She needed to tell me something.

It was important that I talk with her that day. I am glad that she came to me via my dream.

Dan Hawranek, attorney at law


I met Halina for the first time last weekend.  I had come into Phoenix to do a video shoot.  She warned me of a message she was getting from a very small child name Amber.  At first I did not understand but later we discussed this and realized, my unborn child (miscarried for this life time) was the child Amber and was warning me about a rattlesnake that was going to cause me great danger.  I was doing a video shoot with a business partner of Halina's.  Halina was originally not going to participate, but the young daughter of mine was so sure she kept asking Halina to please protect me.  So together we went off for the video shoot in a setting where the desert comes up to the place I was seated for the shoot.  Turned out this was where a rattlesnake den was (as stated by owners of the property where we did the shoot) locate less than five feet from where I had my back and neck for the shoot.  Halina finally convinced us to move the shoot in the house.  I did not know about the rattlesnake den or
being so close until the next day.  Amazingly gifted woman and human being.  Thank you for the protection.  Thank you for the communion with my unborn daughter/angel.

Lance William Beem
Market Manager

I can sincerely say that I have relearned the meaning of faith through Halina.  During a serious financial crisis in my life, I had almost lost all hope.  I was confused and over whelmed.  Halina kept telling me not to lose faith.  She predicted that a miracle would happen during the eleventh hour.  Although, I had past proof that her predictions come true, this time I was not so sure as my deadline approached fast and worry blanketed my faith.
However, with only two days left before my world came crumbling down, a perfect stranger came to my rescue.
I was grateful but speechless.  Halina had accurately looked into my life and heart and sent the energy and prayers needed to help focus on healing this critical situation.  I was profoundly touched by this gift of hers.  She is a radiant being who some how knew an angel would save me.

Halina's connection with the higher spiritual planes have always given me guidance during the recent stormy periods in my life.
She is a vital and compassionate teacher to me, always expanding my thinking and inspiring my spirit. 
I look back now and think about how alone I felt, during a time when an angel was standing by to help.

Paul Stoichevski
Polar Shift Productions Ltd.

Halina is one of the most angelic people that I know.  I was appreciative to see her pray for God's guidance in her work before she began her healing work.  It is rare to find one who dwells in the light with all their being.  Halina is one of the most amazing consultants that I've met in recent times!! 

I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for better understanding of the things going on around them and their family.

With Respect,
Mel Minitor CEO
LightStream Media


A few weeks ago Halina came to visit me in spirit. Although I stay whole and healthy most times these days, recently I woke up on a Monday morning seemingly quite ill. Because of a long standing lung situation, even getting a cold is life threatening.

I knew with the Holidays approaching, a book publishing completion date, and the needs of my family, I had to get to the bottom of this immediately. As I rested in bed saying wellness affirmations, suddenly Halina appeared at the foot of the bed and said, "Do not worry. Just rest, drink lots of fluids and call me when you are well." Then she left.

By that afternoon I was well! A couple of hours after she made her "in spirit" visit, I woke up from a deep sleep, my body lifted up off the bed and then I felt something leave my body. I truly believe Halina's presence, plus the affirmations I said caused a negative energy which had somehow entered to leave.

Halina and I have known each other for several years now but have not seen each other in the past five years. This experience proved to be a delightful event for me in addition to being life saving.

She truly is an angel! She reaches out to those who love her and offers her talents and her beauty to give comfort and care. She had no way of knowing I needed help and yet she appeared. Congratulations Halina on your accomplishments and abilities to truly live a "mystical life in a main stream world."

I send you lots of white light and love plus continued support for all that you are and all that you seek to be.

Amber Silverstar
Executive Director
Destiny Bright Lifestyles

I want everyone to know what a remarkable woman Halina Kacicki is.  She has an amazing Aura about her, it can even be projected, or radiated right over the phone, over long distances.  I'm blown away by the over whelming amount of positive energy I received from her every time we talk,  I always feel better afterwards.  Halina does what other people claim they can do.

Keep making the world a better place Halina.  Thank you.

Paul W. Mueller
VP of  R.M. Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc. Elgin, IL

During the videotaping of one of the Somewhere Out There episodes, Halina Kacicki predicted some major earth changes for the near future, some of which have already come true. The earth quakes she predicted, for example, were noticeable changes, not just minor tremors.  This led me to ask her to do a careful reading on me, in which she predicted a succession of specific major and minor events that would occur within a few short months.  Each time, the future events unfolded just as foretold.  These confirmations compelled me to spread the message about Halina.  She is the only seer I've met, who has made accurate predictions about my life. 

I don't know how she sees future events unfolding in her mind.  Perhaps it is as simple as following a trial of energy, trying to find out where it goes.  Where that energy comes from and how she received it, or who she received it from, is what fascinates me.

Paul Stoichevski, Producer
Somewhere Out There
Impact Pictures, Ltd.

Halina is a Christian based prophet. She is very straight forward and honest. Her style of completely no nonsense immediately identifies any issues of contention or potential problems. She mellows you out and defuses any potential conflict by constantly cracking you up. The style of consulting she employs are real, down to earth and practical.

Over the years, Halina has become a true friend. She has helped me to grow on a number of levels. I have matured psychologically and spiritually. Halina and her gift for prophecy have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams of graduation from law school, passage of the bar exam and employment in the legal field. I am currently employed as a prosecutor in New Mexico.

Daniel Hawranek, Esq.
Prosecutor, State Attorney General's Office
New Mexico

Thank you for all the help you have given our family.  Your insight into life has taught us a lot. I first met you in 1999 and since then you have not only helped me, but also many family members living in other countries.  The accurate descriptions of what you "hear", will always be a source of great support.  The messages you have conveyed to me have made me more confident in myself.  I view life and death very differently now and that has helped me immensely in coping with the passing away of both my parents in a span of 16 months.

Keep up the great work and wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Sheila Ramachandran

Dear Everyone!

I met Halina in in the early part of 1993 over the phone.  She was very accurate and friendly to me (I was a skeptic).  She knew that when I called and she gave me a taste of her gift and was extremely accurate and very friendly.  When we met she was so inspirational and became a friend.  She adopted me as her little sister and has treated me as such ever since.  I met both her parents and one of her brothers and her cousin Hala.

Her spiritual insight is great she has helped me through many dark places in my life.  I believe that we have grown together spiritually.  She is very accurate and when she can't get a feeling she is honest enough to tell you the truth.  She doesn't read for you just to keep you coming back to her, she tries so very hard to help you grow spiritually so that you can accomplish your dreams.  Halina always looks to the positive of things but can and will be very blunt when necessary.  She wants the best for you and will try her best to guide you in the right direction.

Even when you don't have enough money to pay she doesn't change at all, because she is in this from her heart and for the greater good.  She uses her gifts to assist people and to make this world a better place.  She is a special lady!  I am thankful for her friendship and love.

Paige Centers
Director of Health Care Centers

Amazing accuracy and an unyielding spiritual conviction!! Time and time again I have experienced and been witness to Halina's intuitive insights and healing through spirit to assist her clients in making life changing decisions and supporting them through crisis. Through her spiritual insight she assists so many in gaining clarity in all aspects of life; love, career, business, illness and healing from loss. Her ability to communicate healing and insightful messages from the angels provides healing and guidance. I can sincerely say that I have experienced first hand as well as witnessed through family and friends the power of Halina's ability to communicate messages from loved ones who have passed. Her spiritual energy and intuitive insight is truly "White Light"

Carol Bastiani, Scottsdale, AZ

Dearest Halina,

Two words Loyalty and Love, I can think of a better definition to describe you except to add in unending Faith in our Father. This testimonial may be perceived by some as biased because I am family. They just don't know that we two have had our tribulations and have been Blessed to keep our connection for what God has to put together no man can separate. You have one of the most loving and loyal souls of anyone I know. You stand by people even to the point of your own detriment healthwise, economically and even spiritually. I say spiritually because some of brought their own demons and you have had to fight theirs as well as yours. People through the years to present take advantage of your giving spirit and all I can say is may God pour his light in their hearts before it is too late. As I like to say if God calls them home before they wake up I hope I am not behind them in the line at the Pearly Gates because I may not have a snickers bar (i.e. they may be awhile). May God keep and Bless you Hala you are a definite light worker and He will not let your light be snuffed out by anyone.

Halusia Zbierajewska


My name is John Hutchison,
aka known for " The Hutchison Effect "

In about 2006, I was exchanging emails regarding experiments and ideas for about a year and a half from Halina Kacicki. We discussed predictions, prophecies about earthquakes plus many other things, one day in February of 2007 we met & later married and the story unfolds.

   What I have seen  & witnessed in observation myself and can attest to is as follows:

    Cancer falling off of celebrities feet, several lesion's and sores, which the diagnosis was left with no other option than surgery and no hope of any other measure to the last stages of cancer. I cannot say which ones as they do indeed want privacy, but I did  personally see this.

  I have seen UFO's communicate to Halina, I have seen her predictions come true as well as her intuitions. I have seen many peoples lives turned around by her energy work.  Halina's energy is positive I have seen flocks of animals come to Halina as well as her healing them.

   Halina is aggressive in mediating and helping others as her legal talents come out as well as her NBC experience in production work.

I  have seen also some of her " in production work " as well as awards she's getting.   Halina has been involved with recently two major film companies,   NIPPON TV filmed her,  as well as a TV program for Fox TV show called, " Somewhere Out There Someone Knows the Truth," and this was about her predictions Produced by Paul Stoichevski.

I John Hutchison,..Having been in the media all over the globe, I have met so many folks from across the board from Princes to Congressmen,  Presidential candidates, Actors &  Actresses , people from  all walks of life from different cultures and backgrounds including these new age groups of healers.

I only know three out of hundreds one famous one in the United Kingdom, a household name I know,  that are really doing the work with what is said and done.

  Halina is  one of them,.... A growing number of people are becoming to aware of Halina's amazing talents. There are constantly calls and many are becoming aware of these talents of hers.

Recently debunked,.... Were some folks that tried to copy and take on her persona to imitate her abilities, which are & presently being brought to light in the media debunked some frauds.

Yet some of the  New Age types, try and copy Halina or get very jealous of her work & had tried to discredit her and the work. This is a small group who seam very fearful but, they in reality,.. Cannot do ten percent of what Halina can do.  Halina keeps explaining that the truth will be revealed and fear is what creates ill will,... sending love and bridging with Faith that we will be able to grow and heal with Gods love.

To be an example not talk of it,.... Being in Grace to heal hearts.

What's magical about Halina is she is very humble and  cares comes from heart, she loves having fun? Positive attitude a  Queen of Hearts, gives so much to others,... yes,  this is the real deal,... the  type of person you would trust and want to know,... well like you will  see in films. I recommend Halina strongly for all what she does as mentioned on the sites. Al May has produced three 3 DVD's with Halina, the first DVD, Classified Mysteries with Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope. UFO Secrets was the second, the latest release for this Holiday is UFO Christmas 2008. Recent Productions with Al May and continued filming and research being done at the present. Focusing on educating and supporting the awareness of how humanity must take responsibility and heal what we have created.


Additional Testimonies...

We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta






















































































































































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