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Welcome To Angels Of Mary

Halina Kacicki founder of Angels of Mary

Halina Kacicki
 is the Founder of
Angels of Mary


Angels Of Mary

Angels of Mary
Helping Us Help Others

Angels of Mary had come at a time of one of the darkest times in my life and yet the vision was of the most beautiful light, a beacon to show the way. Which I discovered later was the meaning of my name... Halina.

Angels of Mary was created Officially 2003. Recently, after the loss of several family members in one year I was uncertain as to describe how the vision of Angels of Mary was given to me, which is a story in and of itself.

I came upon information of  the Family Legacy recently during a move. Some of my parents' belongings were an envelope with information that made me wonder of many questions I would have loved to have ask, as the story unfolds... We have royal  ancestry  on both sides of the family, simply meaning you were of service to the community....which had taken an active part in the Catholic church & in the community. I had just recently found a book which was part of the ancestral history of one Father Raphael Kalinowski, on my Mother's side and Grandmother's maiden name. I was profoundly surprised by the story and felt suddenly not alone in the passion of how I felt for humanity and some of the confusion in my own journey.

I had been at the some of the same miraculous sites and had some of the most wonderful parallel experiences as described in the telling of my family's story.

His name was Father Raphael Kalinowski,..... as stated...... He sat with the sick and elderly at their death beds as they lie dying,  praying and supporting them in their journey. With children and helping the poor and needy. His passion was not to influence someone's belief just to embrace the differences they had.  In helping children who were & had been torn from their homes or abandoned during the war torn and ravaged years of Poland's history. He had been an officer and humanitarian and had an amazing journey, which I will continue to study to understand the rich heritage and culture which we can integrate into our everyday life's application of gratitude and compassion for Life and Liberty and the pursuit of freedom of  man and his spirit & soul.

It was his love for everybody. The Love was deep; it was not caused by human reasons--by desire to gain people's sympathy, or make friends-- but it was his love for God put into practice.

It was noted as to a letter to his sister, Maria: " If I ask you, my dear, about your day's schedule,  it means that I have some hidden reason for this. I would like to find at least a few moments spent in doing good for others out of love for God. These few moments, almost unnoticeably used, bring something like rays of light and comfort behind them. They unite us with people and God by pure feeling mixed with tender sweetness".

I had written below the information of Angels of Mary before the full discovery of the book of my ancestor. I was feeling really  touched as to the parallels of this journey,.. Maybe you will too! Just in the way he was and believed .

Angels of Mary is and was created in a vision that was given several years ago in one of the many visions given to me of learning about unconditional love and the power of God's love.  There are many apparitions of Mary and Angels appearing today now more than ever. Why is it so hard for us to get the message. To feel love, to actually not being afraid to feel. Through some of the most difficult times in life.... a soul's journey feels as though it is coming to one's end, and apparently is just a new beginning of a different sojourn.

The visions of Mary, Jesus and other Angels were instructions as well as uplifting. There are signs which are right in front of us, most of the time it is a matter of keeping your heart open, as to the receiving of it. Being still enough to hear the still small voice within.  I was praying and asking in understanding a way of bridging among people, not finding the differences. Granted we are all different but, in the constancy of life, changing how to respect and regard one another in the process of where we are in the moment, and to become enriched by the blessings of the differences, not disturbed by them. 

It had become apparent as history provokes, people become afraid of that which is different or not known. Instead of viewing the beauty in the abstract of an illusion we create in fear. Meaning the first thing we do is create a fear response to something that is unknown to us evoking anger or confusion.  Trying our best to control the outcome or extracting a place of uncompromising unpleasantness to fuel our own limited thinking on a subject of religious differences or of political ones.

What had saddened me was after listening to people, the urge  to finding a way in bridging the differences of ideas to understanding a uniqueness in the different cultures.  Finding a way in which we could compliment one another's cultures, backgrounds and expanding what knowledge and wisdom could impart, as opposed to the constant judgment of differences.

There must have been a divine purpose for God to have put us all on this planet together, wouldn't you think?  For instance, in the creative arts, such as music and art, much of sciences and the rhythm of math... How is it that there lies a creative rhythm to the appeal of the masses such as music and film.  Artistic value can have a greater regard for harmony and the energy of it can hold an audience captive regardless of nationality or religious ideology.  Is it the Love and the Passion which it is created in which finds a thread of communion ..... the sound, vibration to word that can inspire one's heart?

Can we not find a complimentary regard for humanity in praying for peace and harmony, to subject and learn from the differences as history has shown? How many times do we keep repeating the same before one gets it.  Finding a better way of harmony to compliment, not for separation and division.

Angels of Mary has a vision to helping others and supporting our Veterans who put their lives at risk for the gift of Freedom. Respect for life and the elderly. Especially our children and our future, paying attention to our environment. Woman and Men in relationships to supporting our Families and  the co-creative process not the abuses in the homes today. Remembering all will be held accountable for what one does and our actions.

Having Gratitude and Compassion in the Hope, Faith and Compassion of Love & Grace towards ourselves and Humanity in Forgiveness to evolve to a greater state of Grace in supporting one another.

Life is a Gift of Love, a Miracle, and to that end to helping one another evolve to a greater understanding of how to be of greater service to one another. Starting with the healing of the self, acknowledging the miracle of Life that you are...  a powerful spiritual being of Love for that is what created you, Love....God.

May you be Blessed all the days of your Life and may God's Angels keep you . May His Angels wings surround you & may you be embraced in His Love for all eternity.

Angels of Mary

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We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta

































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