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Welcome To Angels Of Mary

Halina Kacicki founder of Angels of Mary

Halina Kacicki
 is the Founder of
Angels of Mary


Miracles & Wonders


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Orbs pictured were shot in the Scottsdale and Sedona Areas.

Click on below video to see these Heavenlyspheres




From the beginning of time celestial events have occurred, whether or not we have been conscious of their appearances. Orbs have been accounted for in the earliest of Biblical reference. The star which led the wise men to Bethlehem,.... for the birth of Jesus. Moses account in the desert was led by a sphere which guided them during the day and night. Providing them manna from heaven.

How is it so many accounts of orbs are appearing right before us, yet so many still remain oblivious?

Orbs were appearing during the Apparitions of Mary at the hillside town of Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. The six children which witness the apparitions in the mountain village and hundreds who had seen the spinning orbs appearing like the sun with the presence of Mary. Even here in Arizona, the apparitions of Mary and orbs appearing in the small farming community of Eloy at St. Helen's church. In the local Scottsdale, Arizona and the famous sighting of the Phoenix lights just a few years ago.
What are these mystical Orbs? Where do they come from? What messages do they bring? Are they harbingers, messengers themselves?
Orbs have appeared from the earliest of centuries surrounding Biblical & historical themes. The Greeks and Mayans have mentioned orbs or spheres that have appeared during historical events. Chariot of the Gods is one of the books describing different recorded events.

There are so many accounts today which have some believe differ from the accounts of UFO's or are they similar? Even the accounts of the astronauts who had filmed the orbs in space and airline pilots. Could this be a reason for hundreds of fighter jets went missing from 1952 - 1954 to today? Different locations around the world from Scotland to Canada and the USA, they are making universal appearances,... thousands of sightings yet unexplained video footage and photos taken both day and night.

We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta


(photo's courtesy Gabriel Paulino)


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